Join conditions
If you agree with Van Youqi brand, willing to cooperate with us, at the same time with the following conditions, then we look forward to your joining, join Van o Youqi camp, together to create a better tomorrow.
Quality, thinking
Market sensitive tactile, strategic and planning, far-sighted, as the operating range of excellent odd as the main source of income.
Furniture, building materials, decoration works of the operating experience and brand management philosophy.
social relationship
Good social relations and public relations capabilities, especially in the local government agencies, enterprises and institutions have a good personal connections for the best.
financial resources
Has a certain economic strength, there is sufficient funds for the early investment, about 50-100 million.
Place of business
In the business district to choose the right place to operate, such as independent stores, high-grade furniture shopping malls and office buildings.
Service concept: in every possible way the truth
Uphold the entrepreneurial spirit of Fan Youqi, we sincere hospitality, professional attention to your individual needs, starting from the details, For customers solve problems and create value.
Professionals come to confirm the site, measure size, to ensure the accuracy of the premise but also allows you to make full use of space.
The company has advanced computer graphics software, according to your pattern and decorating style for your well-designed layout and three-dimensional effect of the plan. Let you pre-enjoy your office space.
At the headquarters of a large, diverse styles of the showroom display, will be able to meet your different requirements.
The company is responsible for door-to-door, and send skilled workers to provide free professional furniture installation.
Our Engineering Assistant will contact you throughout the process and feedback to meet your new requirements.
We have a five-year warranty for the natural aging of furniture, and the implementation of our products for life-long maintenance, allowing you to enjoy our products at the same time without worries.
For large customers, the implementation of the second annual regular follow-up, listen to your comments and suggestions.
Real-time service needs 2 hours response, Hangzhou 24 hours, 48 hours to reach the field